The following is a guidline only, as no dogs with the same breed are the same. The prices below are approximate and will vary.

Bath & Brush Ups

Includes:Bath, nail trim (if needed), ears cleaned and blow dry:

Prices starting at $20.00 - small shorthaired dog.

Mini Groom

Includes the same as a Bath & Brush Up, plus sanitary clip, feet trimmed, face trimmed and length of skirt triimed.

Prices starting at: $38.00- small dog.

Full Groom

Includes the same as a Mini Groom, plus a full body grooming style.

Prices starting at $46.00 - small dog.

There will be additional fees for mats and detangling. These fees are based on how severe the problem is.


Muddy Dog and the Curious Cat Grooming Inc.

The Muddy Dog and Curious Cat does NOT give any kind of seditives or medications to your dog. If your dogs needs seditives or medication please seek advice from your vet.


Grooming Services