Curious Cat

Have you thought about getting your cat groomed, or do you think that cats groom themselves?

 Well here's a little known fact: Cats "LICK" themselves, spreading cat "spit" all over their bodies. To truly CLEAN a cat and remove dead skin and hair, spit, urine, fleas and stuck on feces, a cat needs a groom with nice warm water and cat specific shampoo, followed up with a

refreshing blow dry.

Did you know that people who

are allergic to cats are

allergic to FEL-D-1 which is

in a cats dander and saliva.

If the cat is groomed on a

regular schedule it controls

the problem, by keeping

 FEL-D-1 to a minimum.

Do you have cat hairballs

running around your house/apartment?

There are many solutions

available for your cat.

Phone today and book an appointment. 407-344-9663

Muddy Dog and the Curious Cat Grooming Inc.

Longhaired Full Groom        $60.00

Shorthaired Full Groom        $45.00

(Includes: sanitary clip, bath, blow dry, nail trim, ears cleaned and face trim (Persians).

Shorthaired cats must be short hair, No mats or Tangles


Belly shave

De-shed treatment

Soft Paws - the humane solution to prevent scratching.

Comb cut

Lion cut

Toe trim

Flea bath

There will be additional fees for mats, detangling. These fees are based on how severe the problem is.

The Muddy Dog and Curious Cat does NOT give any kind of seditives or medications to your cat. If your cat need medication or seditives please seek advice from your vet. All  cats  must be upto date with their vaccines.